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Jody, Owner of Hammer And Paint

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Hey There!

My name  is Jody and I'm a furniture refinishing enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion that dates back to my childhood.

My grandfather introduced me to the art of furniture refinishing, where every Sunday we would head to his workshop where he would transform various wooden projects.  From the first stroke of his brush to the final polish, I was mesmerized by the transformation he brought to each and every piece.

Over time we restored many family heirlooms, including my most memorable , a baby rocking chair.  Together we breathed new life into these pieces, preserving their history and making them shine again.

Sadly, my grandfather passed from cancer when I was just 17, but his memory lives on in every piece of furniture I refurbish.  His wisdom, lessons and love are invaluable gifts and am honoured to share them with you in my work.

refurbish. refinish. relove.

Where Style and Sustainability Meet.

Paint and Hammer is a home based business specializing in custom furniture painting, refinishing, small kitchen cabinet painting, and speciality finishes. Independent retailer of General Finishes Product

Character Testimonials

Jody has transformed several pieces of furniture for me and I can’t say enough about the quality of the workmanship. She has the vision and talent to take something that would otherwise be heading to the dump into a beautiful show piece, the ‘before and after’ are always incredible. I can’t wait to see our next project completed.

-Jean McMaster

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